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Industrial Paper Bags

MADA industrial bags are produced under strict quality control, high-durability raw materials, top resistance, excellent printing quality and tailored to the specific needs and projects of each customer. This ensures the best bagging, protection and logistics of the product, safely and with quality.

50 millions


6 bag

converting lines

Mada has an extensive range of products that can be adapted for many functions. Our models feature large bagging capacity, between 7 kg and 50 kg, and can be produced in White, natural or BX Kraft Paper (mix or brown and white fibers).

Mada offers its customers high technology in printing for industrial bags, excellently satisfying all design and printing quality demands. Each layout is developed according with the objectives and peculiarities of each customer.

Printing Properties

Paper Bags Types

The definition of the ideal model of bag depends on how the bagging, storage and distribution by the end customer will be carried out. Presently, MADA produces the following models:

Pasted Valved Stepped End

Ideal for automatic, manual, rotating and stationary packing machines in high-speed. After filling, the valves close with the pressure of the product itself during the process.

Open Mouth Bags with Pasted Bottom

Suitable for simple packing machines, allowing the introduction of plastic film in its interior, ensuring the protection of the product.

Pasted Valved Stepped End

Open Mouth Bags with Pasted Bottom

Specification of Valve Bags

The production of valve bags may vary according to the characteristics of the product, bagging conditions, storage and the handling of paper bags.

For specific products, use an additional sheet of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), or one of the sheets coated with polyethylene, which provide a better conservation of the bagged product.


FROM 70 TO 120 G/M2

Valve Types

Valved, Paper Insert, Tuck in Sleeve, Ultrasonic, Polylocks, Double Trap, Reduced Tuck in Sleeve.

Food Products

Animal Feed


Chemical Products


Civil Construction

Sugar, flour, rice, bran, farina, starch

Kaolin, bentonite, phylite, aluminum, oxide

Cement, mortar and lime

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