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We supply  Polypropylene & HDPE Tubular or Circular Woven Sacks, Bags, Fabric Cloth and Fabric to pack food grains, sugar, salt, seeds, cattle feed, fish meal, branded products, spices, pulses, dates, agro. products, cement, urea, fertilizers, chemicals, minerals, resin, polymers, rubber etc.

We also supply Circular or Flat Woven Fabrics for converting them to Sacks  at customer’s end or to use them as cover for textile packing, and fabrics can be supplied in any colour.

 We provide sacks with logo printing or packed products specifications, UV Stabilized for outdoor storage protection, with valves or spout for automatic filling, with lamination or PE liner stitched inside for moisture and spillage protection.

We can supply sacks for packing products ranging from 20 to 100 kgs.

Woven bags Technical specifications :




Weave Density

From 10x 10 to 12 x 12 per sq. inch (Standard 10 × 10) per sq. inch (as per customer's requirement)

Tape specifications

Width : from 2 to 5 MM ( standard 2.5) Denier : from  650  to 2100 D ( standard 800 D)

Size / Width

From 35 to 85 cm. Length: up to 130 cm.

Capacities range

20 Kg to 100 Kg

Weave colour

Milky White, Natural transparent or any color as per customer requirements.


UV. Stabilized as per customer's requirement


Single or double folded with single or double stitch as per customer's requirement

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