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Extensible sack krafts

The term ‘extensible’ is used to describe those sack krafts which have been given

enhanced MD stretch properties, either in the papermaking process or as a subsequent

operation. This increase of stretch is generally associated with a slightly

lower corresponding tensile but the overall effect is for most extensible krafts to

be tougher than normal sack kraft. All are available in normal and wet-strength

grades, either natural or bleached.

Microcreped fully extensible kraft (EK or ExtK)

Such krafts are defined as having an MD stretch greater than 7%. It is a tough

paper that can be very similar in appearance to standard sack kraft as the micro creping

is barely apparent. It is available in both natural and bleached grades with or

without wet strength, and in the same range of Grammies as normal kraft.

Microcreped semi-extensible kraft (S/EK or Sextk)

The shortened name in general usage for this material is ‘semi-extensible kraft’.

It is defined as having the MD stretch within the range 4–7%. The same grades

are available as for fully extensible kraft. The stiffness of semi-extensible kraft

allows good run ability on converting machinery, similar to normal sack kraft, and

high field performance in the finished sacks, making it an ideal material for many


Extensible Kraft 70 to 120 GSM

Produced with unbleached softwood pulp. High consistency refining process. Features the combination of high TEA (Tensile Energy Absorption) properties along excellent porosity.

Sizes: Maximum roll diameter: 1,400 mm

Core’s inner diameter: 76 mm

Ideal for: Manufacturing of industrial bags beaving high resistance demands.

White Kraft – Plain and Extensible 70 to 120 GSM

Produced with bleached softwood pulp. Features high physical-mechanical resistance with excellent finishing. Excellent runnability during conversion, ensuring a final product of extreme quality.

Sizes: Maximum roll diameter: 1,400 mm

Core’s inner diameter: 76 mm

Ideal for: Manufacturing of simple multiwall bags.

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