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The spirit of our business focuses in meeting  our Clients needs

For each request, we engineer the most suitable matches from our products. Beside rapid response to your RFQ, Mada trade co. , offers you good customer services:

1. Commercial support with regard to payment terms & product availability.

2. Logistical support with regard to shipping & just-in-time delivery

3. Full support with regard to use & quality of products.

We present all types of Industrial Packing, Industrial Packing Solutions ,  Raw  materials .

Risk of International Business:

We will handle everything from transportation and insurance to logistics. We absorb the risk  of   doing international business; you will not have to deal with an unknown overseas entity.


We are always able to offer our overseas buyers the most advantageous financing options available, many of which  are not available from manufacturers or other trading company directly. Terms such as 30, 60, and even 90 days can  be made available to foreign buyers.

Private Label:

Some international buyers are facing a problem when they wish to import a product already existing in their countries  or desire to introduce a new product along with protecting their market; they prefer to obtain a private label to build their own product which provides packing attraction, protection, credibility in the market.

We accommodate our clients' needs by providing the products with their own private label.

Skilled negotiators:

With a multi-lingual staff familiar with different cultural behaviours and business negotiation styles, your company will never have to face any troubles.

Lower Shipping Rates:

Usually we can offer lower shipping rates as we work with shipping lines directly. New customers can take full advantage available shipping routes in certain countries.

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